The KTS Wireless Agility® Sensor Radio (ASR) is a sensor radio and data logger that provides a wireless connection from a sensor to the Agility® IoT Platform server where readings are automatically collected and made available to the user through the MyFarm web application. sentek-peanut-install-3By using a browser on a smart phone, tablet, or PC, the user can visualize the data in various form and check the health of his ASR system including wireless signal strength and battery voltage in addition to the other decision tools available on MyFarm.

Readings are logged locally in the ASR on an integral micro SD card until they are reported over a wireless link to the Agility® IoT Platform server to guarantee no data is lost during unexpected wireless network outages.

The ASR is packaged in a patent-pending tubular capsule designed to slide in to a tubular fiberglass mast section. Mast sections can be combined to provide up to 10 ft height with the radio capsule occupying the top section.


sentek-peanut-install-5sentek-peanut-install-7IMG_1142Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 5.01.52 PM