Sentek Drill & Drop Soil Moisture Probes

The Drill & Drop is a fully encapsulated, easy to install, soil measurement probe. Probes are available in four lengths, 30cm (12″) (SDI-12 only), 60cm (24”), 90cm (36″) and 120cm (48”), with sensors fixed at every 10cm (4”) increment. It is also available as a single point sensor. Purchase options are any length with soil moisture + temperature sensors or soil moisture + temperature + salinity. Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 8.36.25 PM

Due to the ease of install and protected electronics, the Drill & Drop is ideally suited to situations where a monitoring probe may need to be moved between sites in short-term and annual crops. Having the electronics completely encapsulated and able to be completely buried also makes the probe suited to long-term installations, where machinery will pass often, such as dryland and feed crops. Being able to leave the probe in the ground means long-term, uninterrupted data trends and comparison between seasons is possible. live-oak-sentek-3

The Drill & Drop also covers the issue of data continuity and integrity where the probe does need to be reinstalled. The ingenious tapered probe and matching auger allows direct, slurry-free, installation. This direct installation method means that the probe is measuring ‘real’ representative soil conditions immediately after install, because the surrounding soil has not been disturbed.


  • Four probe length options – 30cm (12″) (SDI-12 only), 60cm (24”), 90cm (36″) and 120cm (48”)
  • Option to measure soil moisture + temperature or soil moisture + temperature + salinity at every 10cm (4″) interval
  • Quick and easy undisturbed installation due to tapered shape
  • Measures the true soil profile, not slurry
  • Stable potting material
  • Able to be buried to any depth
  • Sentek-proven quality soil moisture and salinity measurements
  • Sentek-designed and owned integrated chip technology
  • Soil temperature resolution 0.3%
  • Pre-normalised sensors with in-built default calibration equation
  • Single point sensor and 30cm (12″) probe available

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