PC-01 Pump Controller with Flowmeter Monitor

The PC-01 provides the ability to control electric and diesel engine irrigation pumps through its SDI-12 interface and is intended for use with the Agility® Sensor Radio and the MyFarm web application. It includes a pulse counting input and a 4-20 mA current loop input for use with flowmeters to measure flow rates at the pump.


  • SDI-12 Interface
    • SDI-12 Vin
    • SDI-12 Data
    • SDI-12 GND
    • SDI-12 Shield
  • Flow meter Open Collector Pulse Counter (Over voltage and E.S.D. protected)
    • O. C. High Side Input (with pull up (4.7 K) to 12VDC)
    • O. C. GND
  • Flow meter 4-20 mA Current (Over voltage and E.S.D. protected)
  • 24 VAC (Over voltage and E.S.D. protected)
    • Positive
    • Negative
  • 12 VDC Protected Input (Automotive Surge Protection)


  • Latching Relay
    • A contact
    • B contact
  • Vout – switched 12V output – switched on during measurement, used for 4-20 ma loop if needed.
  • Vout non switched 12 V output

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