Complete Solutions

If you’re new to the ag tech space, we’ve taken the guess work out of building a solution yourself.  All of our complete solutions are remotely connected using our Agility Sensor Radio, which sends data over a secure cellular connection to our MyFarm data platform.  The best part about that is that all your field data feeds into one user friendly platform.  Learn more about our manufactured hardware and software and how these systems work together here.

Irrigation Management

Someone once said, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”  Seems to go without saying.  In one way or another, you’re already doing this.  What we’re offering is another really useful tool for the toolbox.

Weather Monitoring

Another someone said, “Whether you will or whether you won’t, depends upon the weather.”  Let us help you gather that info!  From simple to complete, we’ve put together a monitoring solution to fit your needs. 

Pump Control

Nothing catchy here, just plain and simple convenience of controlling your pump stations, diesel or electric, remotely.  Sound good?  Let us help you get started.