Irrigation Management

The key is knowing when water deficiency stress is acceptable, and when its not, so irrigation can be applied only when required. However, each field will likely vary by soil type, tillage and drainage conditions. Reading and understanding ‘real-time’ soil moisture conditions at depths from 4” to 4 ft allows users to make efficient use of water.  Utilizing in-field sensor technology, we’ve put together a monitoring package that is not only gives insight into what’s going on below, but does so in a user friendly way.

Product Profiles

Drill & Drop Soil Moisture Probes

High quality profile probe built by Sentek. Measures soil moisture, temperature, and salinity (optional). Available in 1, 2, 3, & 4ft lengths.

WATERMARK Moisture Sensors

Affordable single point sensors.  Up to 2 sensors, or 5 with a WM200 adapter, on a single radio.

Rice Water Level Sensor

The WLS-24 Water Level Sensor is a complete Water level sensor solution including an Agility® Sensor Radio for sending water level readings back to the Agility IoT Platform Server for viewing by the My Farm web application.  The bottom section includes a well point with slots to allow water to flow  in to the e-tape sensor. The WLS-24 uses a 24 inch e-tape mounted so that 8 inches of the sensor is below ground.

How it Works

Select your choice of soil moisture sensor.

Soil moisture probes are installed.  Usually one or ones set per irrigation block, into the dominate soil type for your field (since this is most representative)

Utilize the My Farm dashboard to manage and visualize your crops moisture profile.  Work with your agronomist to help identify over-watered and under-watered thresholds.