Reliable Monitoring Solutions for Agriculture

Agriculture has it’s challenges.  And it takes all kinds to resolve them… all kinds of people, all kinds of skills, all kinds of solutions.  That’s why High Yield Ag exists.  To integrate highly skilled people creating innovative and practical solutions to address some of agriculture’s biggest challenges.

What to Expect

experience where it matters

High Yield Ag is more than a manufacturer, we’re literally a crossroads company.  We were formed from the ground up by engineers and agronomists, who understand the challenges of agronomy, manufacturing, and communications.


built to last products

Our priority is simply to build reliable hardware and useful software to minimize field time and aid decision making.  And our strategy has always been to get everyone on our team involved first hand with design, installation, execution, and extraction of our equipment and software.  The results are a robust telemetry radio and user friendly platform that we continue to hear over and over are the easiest solutions any of our users have come across.

leveraging what works

No question, there’s a lot of good equipment and sensors out there.  Rather than reinvent, our focus became building a solid backbone to tie in with the multitude of available field sensors. That said, our complete solutions have undergone a number of trials with top notch industry partners to piece together the best packages to help face grower challenges.


existing sensors or Platform?
No Problem!

Our Agility® Sensor Radio telemetry is programmed to pull data from any sensor with SDI-12 connections, and many others that are RS-232 and RS-485.  Not sure what that means?  Basically, we play well with others.  Additionally, our software platform, MyFarm, is built with a fully open API – meaning we can either pull data into the My Farm dashboard or provide it in the other direction to your preferred software.  Still not sure if we’re a fit?  Please reach out!  We’re happy to work with you to help determine which pathway is best for your situation.

"These technologies have changed the way we farm. No more guesswork about when or how much to irrigate/fertigate. No more driving to a pump station to make it happen. We are saving money and resources while maintaining healthier crops and reducing environmental impacts."

Our Products

Made to work simply and simply work.  No matter what field sensors you’re using, you need a solid foundation to go from field to decision. That’s why from the start, we prioritized reliability and simplicity in our telemetry and data platform.  And based on user feedback that’s where we’ve landed.  See for yourself what sets our Agility Sensor Radio (ASR) telemetry and our MyFarm data platform apart from the pack.

Agility® Sensor Radio (ASR)

Fully independent (no need to worry about meshing or network) telemetry unit capable of capturing data from multiple sensors and reporting remotely over reliable cellular connection, using an upgraded 4G-LTE modem.

  • Interfaces with any SDI-12, RS232, or RS485 sensor
  • Wire multiple sensors to one radio, examples: soil moisture, leaf wetness, flow meter, tipping bucket, etc.
  • Integrated, low profile multi-band antenna
  • Over the air software upgrades
  • Rechargeable battery with 5 month charge life in typical application
  • Plug-n-Play interface


User friendly web based data visualization and field management software. Designed by agronomists, built for simplicity, unexpectedly affordable.

  • Mobile-friendly site works on all devices
  • Programmable alert notices
  • Pump control (diesel or electric) capable
  • Pull private or public weather station data
  • User controls to manage and share farms and fields.
  • User controlled and defined soil moisture thresholds to account for site specific differences
  • Ability to add crop models
  • Data privacy – data owned by end user and is never sold or given away


minimize field time

Plug and play - really! Because our back-end does the heavy lifting of programming, once you plug in a sensor, all you must do is give it a name and tell it where to go. That's it! Now just collect data and make decisions.

More is More

Not always, but in this case YES! If you have up to 2 sensors (can be different) that are within wiring distance (approx 200ft) of a radio, you can wire them to the same radio to upload data without any extra subscriptions or hardware.

lose the technical

No need to worry about setting up radio networks, centralizing gateways, and relocating sensors to make things work. If your cell phone has a signal, your sensor will too.

Small form, Large Utility

The radio housing (mast), serves mutiliple purposes from weather protection to cord storage to antenna pole. It's footprint can be adjusted for low profile crops (15in) to tall profile orchards (15ft with external antenna option).

Complete Solutions

Irrigation Management

Weather Monitoring

Pump Control