Who We Are

Once in a while, groups of people are brought together by what at first seems to be chance, but later feels like a higher calling. This is our story. In 2013, when KTS Wireless met Southern Ag their conversation led them to discussing on farm problems that were not being well addressed. When a blessing was said over the lunchtime meal, the common bond of faith instilled mutual respect, fellowship, and the desire to create solutions for growers and agronomists. Soon, the idea of High Yield Ag was born and a partnership was formed with the goal to develop and manufacture world-class hardware and software that truly served real needs.

Today, that goal still rings true. From the people on our team to our hardware and software, we've remained committed to serving the agriculture industry in the most effective ways possible. Furthermore, we maintain an open ear for ideas to that end.

Two Men with ASR in Corn